So garlic’s allicin provides an effective solution away from Big Pharma antibiotic’s side-effect issues, while offering other health benefits (.. As antibiotics continue to fail, use garlic instead to kill MRSA and superbugs Garlic has been utilized as an antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal for centuries. But most consider it a lightweight probably, outdated folk medication against serious bacterial infections. Antibiotics gave contemporary allopathic pharmaceuticals an illusion of legitimacy from 1928, when penicillin was discovered, until today. Therefore the mindset became why bother with that nasty tasting foul smelling garlic stuff when you could pop some antibiotic pills or become injected with the latest new miracle medication that seemed to work very well without very much fuss.Freudenreich and Zhang found the much longer the AT-repeat, the even more the replication procedure was stalled, something they wish to follow-up on with further study. We think the much longer the repeat, the even more the abnormal DNA framework forms, and the even more fragile your chromosome is certainly, but we haven’t totally had the opportunity to nail that down, Freudenreich said. It will be interesting to learn, would people who have longer repeats become more susceptible to deleting that tumor suppressor gene and obtaining cancer because of this We have produced this correlation and we want to learn if it includes a medical consequence.