You can inquire a friend, family member, social worker, or regional group such as a senior center. If your insurance will not pay for something you imagine it should, find out why the plan refused to pay. Then talk with your doctor or nurse in what to do next. He or she might suggest methods to appeal the decision or other actions to take.. Approximate Costs for Chemotherapy Treatment It is hard to say how much chemotherapy shall cost. It depends on: The types and dosages of chemotherapy utilized How long and how often chemotherapy is given Whether you obtain chemotherapy at home, in a workplace or clinic, or throughout a hospital stay The proper portion of the country your geographical area Talk with your health insurance plan in what costs it will pay for.Whenever we develop an autoimmune disease, we create antibodies that strike ourselves. During a regular immune response, B cells that encounter foreign 'antigen' migrate to germinal centres, transient microstructures that type in lymph nodes and tonsils. Once inside, B cells mutate their antibody genes randomly until an antibody is made by them with large affinity to the invader. At that point, effective B cells transform into little antibody factories referred to as 'plasma cells', which and flood the machine with brand-new antibodies multiply. Unfortunately, the urgency and speed of which B cells mutate, along with the random character of the process, occasionally creates B cells with high affinity 'autoantibodies' that eventually match 'self'.