‘Europe’s population generally is getting older, and one side-impact of that is that increasing numbers of older people you live alone. They don’t really have their families close by and they need to find ways to cope: they might forget to take their medicine, switch off the stove or suffer a major accident at home. They are in a risk zone that can be tackled by ICT,’ explains Theresa Skehan, the Monami task manager at the Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology . ‘Applications such as those deployed in the Monami trials give the elderly the support they want, they can cope with safety problems and make them convenient.’ Safer. And even more independent Indeed, applications centered on increasing safety and security were identified as the most beneficial top features of the Monami system by almost all trial users, particularly at test sites where older people were living at home alone instead of in assisted-living facilities.But few Latinos are registering. CBS News attempt to discover out why . Kaiser Health News: Capsules: California Faces Steep Issues As Obamacare Launches, Report Finds As it prepares to provide coverage to its millions of uninsured residents through the Affordable Care Take action, California faces daunting challenges and provides useful lessons for the rest of the nation, according to a survey and analysis released Wednesday in Washington, D.C. The Kaiser Family members Foundation's report, based on a study of 2,500 adult Californians before enrollment began in October, provides a preliminary look at the roadblocks that could hinder the implementation of regulations . The SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Chronicle: Low-Income U.S.