Amid conflicting promises, Romney camp agrees with Obama on tax issue One of the Republican candidate’s top advisers says Romney doesn’t think that the mandate penalty in medical care legislation is a tax . The Associated Press: Reality Check: Customer Beware In Wellness Debate President Barack Obama claims nothing will change for people who like their coverage of health except it’ll become more affordable, however the facts don’t back again him up. Mitt Romney groundlessly calls the health care legislation a slayer of jobs specific to deepen the national debt. Welcome to the ongoing health care debate 2.0.

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This contract will enable Amgen to attain more patients all over the world with two of our innovative medicines, Robert A. Bradway, Amgen’s chairman and CEO, said in a declaration. The transaction may also enable us to build encounter and capability in countries which will be essential in accelerating future development of Amgen’s pipeline items. Amgen said it will begin distributing and offering product the moment useful in countries where in fact the company comes with an existing commercial presence. In other countries, Roche or its distributors will continue steadily to sell and distribute the products for an interim transition period.