Also, the report recommended strengthening coordination among the continuing state and various counties to even more consistently monitor for just about any fraudulent activity. Last year, an interior audit by the Department of Health Care Services found ‘several weaknesses and inefficiencies’ in the management of the program, according to convey Auditor Elaine Howle, who said that eliminating the determined problems was crucial to making sure that the department techniques quickly to address all cases of waste, abuse and fraud, which would also help lower the state’s legal and monetary risks.. California paid out nearly $100 million for fraudulent medical statements, including $3 million to deceased patients, since 2008 A recent statewide audit by California regulators found that more than $93 million in Medi-Cal payments made to substance abuse clinics around the state were potentially fraudulent.Supplements are always essential for body builder because they perform effort by their body however they should always have a help of body trainer because they know very well what are important for the body and what ought to be avoided. Vegetarian foods have great food nutrients. Non vegetarian food components provide some special dietary supplements which are not really present in vegetarian foods. Active vitamin is within animal food resources. Omega-3 fatty acid is within fishes. Some supplements can be found on reasonable prices. Digestive enzymes can be found in the tablet form also. These help the body in digestion of meal. These tablets could be taken before food or after meal. They are very useful for all those social those who have digestion issue or other illnesses which cause issue in digestion.