As an individual centric biopharmaceutical business, UCB is usually delighted to utilize Biogen Idec on providing one of the most essential breakthrough items in the treating multiple sclerosis and hemophilia to sufferers in Asia, stated Mohamed Chaoui, Mind of Asia Pacific at UCB. This partnership is normally a strong complement inside our goal to provide innovative specialty caution therapeutic choices to patients experiencing severe illnesses. It further facilitates our strategic objective to improve our leadership and experience in biologics in both neurology and immunology in China and the Asian area.To Test or Never to Test: Let YOUR SYSTEM Be Your Guide If screening for gluten sensitivity can help you feel assured that you will be doing the proper thing and not overlooking any extra health problems, then test away; however, if going gluten-free makes you feel better, then don’t be concerned about your test outcomes. The slightest sensitivity to gluten could cause many health issues and the only definitive method to rid yourself of them is to avoid eating gluten.