She learns at least a few of the Tijuana clinics are offering nothing but false hope. They have little if any evidence to aid their claims that their unusual therapies really work, and there is enough of proof that vulnerable people have parted with huge sums of cash without being cured. On Tuesday Also on Dateline, video journalist Foud Hady travels to much north Egypt to research the flourishing body parts trade targeting African refugees on their method to Israel. Yalda Hakim hosts Dateline live at 9.30pm, 6 March on SBS ONE Tuesday. More information is available at www .. Cancer negatives preying on wish, SBS Dateline Dateline, 9. Dateline on Tuesday features an investigation into this multimillion dollar industry while Sarah MacDonald, a journalist who has been treated for cancer tumor herself, runs undercover to discover if these clinics are offering genuine solutions or are simply trading on the hopes of these desperate to survive.Unfortunately, frequently, an individual’s physician only will assume the blood is from piles without referring the individual to a gastroenterologistand without conducting any screening, like a colonoscopy, to make sure there is absolutely no cancer. Why is this such an essential mistake? To comprehend that let’s briefly appear at how malignancy kills. Cancer of the colon is projected to kill approximately 48, 000 people this year.