Anthem Blue Blue and Cross Shield utilize latest media tools to connect to its members Not only for teens – social media and media tools such as for example Facebook anymore, Twitter and YouTube are being utilized by adults to interact with their friends, families and to gain information. Now, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield people can add these equipment to the set of ways to connect to their health insurer. In an effort to remain engaged and attentive to its members like nothing you’ve seen prior, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin is certainly leveraging extremely interactive social press communities as a way to interact with its members, and for members to connect to Anthem. ‘At Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we recognize that more teens, adults and seniors are logging on the web to tweet even, network, or blog page about their day to day activities, loves, dislikes, among other things,’ stated Larry Schreiber, president of Anthem Blue Blue and Cross Shield in Wisconsin.The Hill reports that tort reform that could cap the monetary damages on what sufferers could sue their doctors for is definitely part an intense but unsuccessful advertising campaign for years to enact a nationwide limit on what much juries can award individuals in malpractice lawsuits. The Republican-controlled House passed legislation numerous situations in the 2000s but the matter hardly ever prevailed in the Senate. Several says have such laws currently . Many analysts surmise that the current medical liability system encourages providers to incrase the volume or intensity of the health caer services they offer to protect themselves against possible lawsuits. The Senate Finance Committee’s best Republican member, Sen. It’s a no-brainer to add tort reform in any health care reform legislation.