Use candles, sugar free candies and small playthings to decorate the cake. You may use a vanilla or chocolate pudding to top the cake also. This cake will certainly leave many kids craving for more. There are many such diabetic birthday cake recipes to choose from that may pep up the feeling of your party. Here’s another relishing recipe of an orange cake for diabetics especially. Ingredients you’ll require 1/3 cup decreased calorie margarine, melted, 1/4 glass granulated brown sugars substitute, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp. Baking soda, 2 tsp. Baking powder, Vegetable cooking spray, 1 1/4 cups flour, 1/4 tsp.‘Going from one cell to two, or cytokinesis, is among the most fundamental of cellular events,’ dating to a time when life evolved from single-celled organisms, explains Ahna Skop, an assistant professor of genetics with the UW-Madison College of Lifestyle and Agricultural Sciences. ‘It applies to all species and organisms, in fact it is fundamental to the growth and development of all life on this planet.’ However, just as cell division is the key to life, failures in the process can lead to certain illnesses, says Skop. ‘Several diseases are caused by cells that don’t divide correctly, or divide out of control, as in cancers,’ she says. ‘Furthermore, proteins that work during cell division might also work in the neurons in our mind or during wound curing, for example.