Patients who are most likely to benefit from MTM providers are those who are chronically ill, who are managing multiple health conditions and the ones who are taking several medications. CMS' Five-Celebrity Quality Ratings System includes several measures specific to medication make use of, including one which tracks the % of MTM-eligible Medicare Component D beneficiaries who receive a Comprehensive Mediation Review each year. Brad Tice, product head for the Cardinal Wellness Medication Therapy Management Solution, says health programs that find innovative methods to deliver MTM solutions to their members are likely to improve their performance upon this and other medication-related Celebrity Ratings measures.17 was also infected. China’s last reported individual case of H5N1 was in June 2010. A pregnant 22-year-old girl from central Hubei province died after exposure to sick and lifeless poultry.. Amesbury, Mass., occupants vote to stop water fluoridation initiative Residents of the Massachusetts coastal city of Amesbury have successfully defeated a measure that would have restored an insurance plan to once again begin adding sodium fluoride chemical substances to the city’s water source. In a vote of just one 1,677 to 1 1,352, 55 % of area residents declared to town officials and to the world they are not thinking about forcefully medicating their whole community with fluoride chemicals at taxpayers’ expense.