Perform the seated calf exercises with a variety of 12 to 20 repetitions, making use of your bodyweight or low weight quantities just. Due to the high reps, fewer units are needed. Two to three sets is enough to build the soleus and enhance the look of your calves. Follow-up the seated calf exercises with the soleus stretch out.. Calf exercises: Sit back to build yourself up Building killer calves is normally more difficult than people think. Most exercisers do a bunch of position calf exercises like standing calf raises, sled hack calf raises, donkey raises, and calf presses to mass up not really realizing that their entire workout is only targeting half of the muscles in the calves.Jenkins. A handful of nuts, two teaspoons of sterol-enriched margarine, two servings of soy protein – like a glass of soy milk and a soy sizzling hot puppy – and two servings of oatmeal per day can really change lives. Some specialists were surprised a couple counseling classes could bring concerning this dramatic diet change. Getting people to change from animal to soy protein can be quite a challenge, and people need encouragement, Dr.