A crisis 2-3 million doses of vaccine against the current H5N1 strain will be it appears be offered to researchers and health workers while a new vaccine has been developed. India is testing dozens of people for bird flu after 50 currently,000 birds died in the western Maharashtra condition, and tests possess indicated the H5N1 bird flu was the culprit. In the meantime Egyptian authorities have shut Cairo zoo and seven additional state-operate zoos around the country following deaths of 83 birds there from the H5N1 stress. The arrival of H5N1 in Europe has hit the poultry industry very difficult, and in France, Europe’s biggest poultry maker, consumers are being encouraged to continue to consume chicken actively.In this round, traders Amgen Ventures , Celgene Company , and EcoR1 Capital, became a member of existing traders Alexandria Venture Investments, DAG Ventures, Domain Associates, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Proceeds will be utilized to accelerate the medical development of Atara's two lead applications, PINTA 745 and STM 434, which are anticipated to create new clinical data next 1. 5 years. ‘We founded Atara with the purpose of accelerating the advancement of novel biologic substances to provide meaningful therapeutic advancements to circumstances underserved by innovation recently,’ stated Isaac Ciechanover, MD, ceo of Atara. ‘This funding allows us to progress our pipeline and movements us nearer to achieving our objective of addressing significant unmet medical requirements.’ Within only 15 a few months of its founding, the Atara group initiated a Phase 2 pilot trial of PINTA 745, a myostatin inhibiting peptibody, becoming investigated as a potential treatment for proteins energy losing , a kind of inflammation, muscles and malnutrition wasting in individuals with end-stage renal disease.