The triple net operating lease which the Organization executed with HCN has an initial term of 15 years, with one 15-year renewal option. The Company will start consolidating the expenses and revenues of the five communities on its income statement, together with the lease expense, in the next quarter of 2010.. Capital Senior Living leases five senior living communities from HEALTHCARE REIT Capital Senior Living Corporation , one of the country’s largest operators of senior living communities, today announced that Midwest Portfolio Holdings, LP , a jv where the ongoing organization held an 11 % partnership interest, has sold five senior living communities to Health Care REIT, Inc.A total of 51 women, including the Melnicks, have lawsuits pending in U.S. District Courtroom in Boston against greater than a dozen companies that made or marketed the drug. Health Sisters with tumor blame mom’s meds Four sisters have got a bond they’d rather not share. All of them have suffered from breast cancer, and it’s really not just bad luck, they say, or coincide. DES was prescribed to an incredible number of pregnant women over three decades to avoid miscarriages, premature births and other problems. It had been taken off the marketplace in the first 1970s after it was associated with a rare vaginal malignancy in women whose moms utilized DES. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates between 5 and 10 million women that are pregnant and children were exposed to the DES.