China reports 2 even more cases of H7N9; Experts continue to investigate transmission routes ‘China has discovered two more cases of a new strain of bird flu and among the victims has died, state media said on Wednesday, bringing to nine the true number of confirmed human being infections from the previously unknown flu type,’ Reuters reviews . ‘The disclosure of the third death comes only days after Chinese authorities announced the first three known situations of humans infected with the H7N9 bird flu virus on Sunday,’ CNN's ‘On China’ blog page writes . ‘Hospital resources in east China's Jiangsu province said Wednesday that the five sufferers who have been diagnosed with the lesser-known H7N9 bird flu stay in critical condition,’ Xinhua notes .Ley said antigen-presenting cells consider up infectious organisms, foreign materials and self-proteins and chop them into little pieces called epitopes and display the parts on the top of cell. The T cell comes along, and if it gets the correct receptors, it’ll recognize the epitope items and make cytokines that assault the material and cause inflammation. Autoimmune illnesses include such ailments as type 1 diabetes, arthritis rheumatoid and multiple sclerosis. In the scholarly study, Dr. Ley and his group utilized live cell imaging techniques to track immune cells in normal and artherosclerotic mouse aortas. He stated in mice with atherosclerosis, there are always a large number of antigen-experienced T cells which have already seen particular epitope pieces that they perceive as international.