Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Medical procedures or Bladeless cataract treatment has made cataract surgery simple and more exact, the incision is little, and no hospitalization is needed. Here are a few of advantages of bladeless surgery. Completely blade-free process The actual operation takes less than one minute to complete Capsular starting, fragmentation of cataract with laser beam & corneal incisions are completely automated to deliver precise cuts and is even more accurate than manual blade incision Reduces recovery time Enables Astigmatism correction during cataract surgery Greater safety, precision & accuracy Better visual outcome.. Cataract Surgery – Staying A single Step Ahead Of Natural Ageing Process Did you know that over 80 percent of the populace older than 70 has a threat of developing cataract? Cataract may be the result of natural progression and age no you can escape that.Kennedy’s pledge to land a guy on the moon. But for blind those who have longed to drive their very own car, they are tired of spinning their wheels.. Chemical Pneumonia Treatment Evaluation and treatment for chemical pneumonia vary. Almost everyone will have measurements of blood circulation pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, and respiratory price. In many people with chemical substance pneumonia, treatment is primarily observation. Sometimes symptoms develop over time and the quantity of harm done won`t be totally known for a number of hours. Many treatments are possible, including the following: IV fluidsOxygen by mask or tubeBreathing treatment with medicine to open up breathing tubesSteroid medicines by IV or mouthNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications by mouthPain medicines by IV or mouthArtificial ventilation Preventive antibiotics Antidotes (usually poison control and a toxicologist are consulted.