The center extends the laboratory’s traditional study and postgraduate education objective to the faculty, pre-college and public amounts. Not waiting until the space is ready, the S.C. This June center has a number of programs scheduled beginning. June – July, 2004 Five sessions of a Summer Research Program training course in genetics and biotechnology are being offered for high school students. The workshops are modeled after the Dolan DNA Learning Center’s ‘DNA Science’ summertime workshop for middle and high school students. Program funded by student fees. July, 2004 The center shall web host a two-week, in-residence course for in-service senior high school teachers. Course title: Gene Discovery. NSF will fund the training course. July, 2004 The center will web host a two-week, in-home training workshop in genomics and proteomics .While a graduate pupil, in 1996, he found that organic killer cells produce cytokines, important signaling proteins, to participate in immune defense against viruses. Over the past decade he has defined the field of human natural killer cell zero various genetic disorders. At Children's Medical center, where he treats patients, Orange is investigating cure for WAS distinct from gene therapy. In a current clinical trial in WAS, his immunotherapy approach bypasses the gene defect in the condition, using the cytokine IL-2 to boost immune function instead. He expects to publish initial results shortly.