Cancer cells aren’t foreign cells but are that person’s personal cells trying to adapt to the toxic physical or mental and psychological environment that has been created. The standard medical approach to cancer is lacking because it isn’t properly addressing the physical aspect of cancer and also neglecting the mental, emotional component and spiritual aspects of healing. Which means the malignancy will return. A more natural, holistic approach must become the path to healing where somebody sees the malignancy as the body talking to allow person understand that all is not well with the spirit, body and mind. By analyzing over 2,300 genes across a multi-cultural and diverse population ethnically, this extensive data source enables physicians, researchers and geneticists to find, select and filter through variants in genes, genetic mutations and transcripts, tailoring their search to specific medical needs.A female should request her health-treatment professional if she will not understand the way the consequence of her Pap smear is normally reported. If irregular cells spread deeper in to the cervix or to other organs or tissues, the disease is named cervical cancer, or invasive cervical cancers. Cervical cancer occurs frequently in women aged 40 years or older, though it could be found in younger women. If the biopsy results show invasive cancer, a number of tests shall be performed, all made to see whether the cancer has pass on and, if so, what lengths.