Chung said the obtaining is significant because it was the first study showing that IgE antibody could be made against sugar molecules typically present on proteins. Today manufacturers can stay away from that cell line for creation of antibody-based drugs to prevent such reactions. Based on this extensive research, a commercial assay is being developed to permit physicians to test individuals for the troubling antibody before deciding to use the drug. But another mystery still remains. What’s the triggering antigen that Southerners are exposed to that causes this allergic attack?.‘It’s like having a major accident on slippery ice. People believe if they prepare plenty of it can’t happen. But down they know it can deep.’ Stage fright can possess various causes, including difficult early childhood encounters, says Dr. Nagel, who has no first-hand understanding of what caused Aguilera’s complications yesterday evening. But whatever the cause, there are effective ways to treat it. Psychotherapy is one choice, Dr. Nagel says. Medications can help as well. The prescription drug propanolol , for instance, can help performers control shaking and other physical signs of panic – though not really the anxious thoughts that may exacerbate the problem.