Americans give Russia $34 .2 million to help deal with and care for people living with tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS HHS Secretary Tommy G. Today that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Thompson announced, Tuberculosis and Malaria awarded Russia $34.2 million over two years to help deal with and care for people living with HIV/Helps and tuberculosis. At a number of meetings in Moscow, Secretary Thompson announced the grant and urged solid public leadership from Russian authorities officials in the nation’s efforts to avoid the spread of HIV/AIDS. He also asked Russian health, legislative, civic and faith leaders to keep working with america, the Global Fund and, most of all, each other to effectively treat and stop HIV/AIDS.

The application form is open specifically to neurosurgeons who are people of the AANS/CNS Section on Tumors approval for the proposed research; eligibility criteria and an idea for subject matter accrual; and a timetable for completion of the medical trial. Multicenter collaborations are permitted. The successful grant applicant will be selected after a peer-review process conducted by people of the Executive Committee of the AANS/CNS Section on Tumors. The scientific merit of the proposed research, and also the credentials of the applicant and the support of the institution may also be important factors.