GATK 3 provides new functionality and guidelines to tackle modern challenges in next-generation sequencing data analysis. The Broad Institute has explained GATK 3 as a change in the manner they approach complications in NGS data evaluation, in addition to a change in the scope of problems the toolkit can deal with, said Trevor Heritage, vice president of corporate development and strategy at Appistry. For instance, a collection of enhancements to the GATK speeds the analysis of the large sample sets typically associated with observational clinical studies . This is accomplished through two main updates: An optimized algorithm attained through a collaboration between the Wide Institute and Intel.3. Arlu may improve general health in people. 4. Malkangani is mentioned as a powerful human brain tonic and it could cure body discomfort and arthritis discomfort to help people escape weakness. 5. Punarnva can become a rejuvenator and may regulate the healthy creation of hormones in the women and men to greatly help them reach the perfect weight. 6. Sarpunkha could be effective in treating disorders linked to liver and additionally, it may cure sexual medical issues in men. 7. Sonth may improve stability of disposition and it could support general wellbeing and wellness in women and men. 8. Bhringraj can offer the excellent fix for stress.