Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (2024)

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Valentine’s Day, that time of year when love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in some mouthwatering treats with your loved ones? We’ve carefully curated a list of 15+ irresistible & cute Valentine’s Day treats that are perfect for sharing and adding that extra touch of sweetness to your day.

While as a parent the more romantic aspects of this day have shifted, I still love making something extra special for my partner and kids. Sometimes it’s a tasty snack or treat tucked into their lunches, sometimes it’s a decadent after dinner dessert.

From decadent chocolates to homemade baked cookies, bars and everything in between, these dessert recipes are sure to melt hearts and create cherished memories with your favourite sweeties, young or old.

Ready to dive into this delectable collection and make this Valentine’s Day heart warming? Let’s go!


1. Heart Macarons

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (1)

Indulge in love with this deliciously simple Heart Shaped Macarons recipe, featuring a vanilla buttercream filling, and a fun heart shape.

My youngest is absolutely obsessed with Macarons, which makes this the perfect Valentine’s Day treat idea.

While not absolutely necessary, adding some festive sprinkles, make these extra heart warming.

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (2)

2. Valentine’s Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (3)

Elevate your Valentine’s Day celebrations with a delightful surprise – chewy and buttery Valentine’s Sugar Cookie Bars. In our family, extra sprinkles are a must.

So dress these up with a sweet vanilla frosting and playful sprinkles to make them the perfect treat.

💗 You may also like our cute picks for Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas for kids.

3. Valentine’s Puppy Chow Mix

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (4)

A perfect mix of sweet and salty, this Valentine’s Puppy Chow recipe takes the idea of Chex mix to a whole other level.

This festive & super quick to make snack mix would make an ideal Valentine’s day kids snack for school parties, play dates or a movie night. Get ready to snack all night long.

4. Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Cookies

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (5)

Chocolate Heart-Shaped Vanilla Cookie recipe is crafted with only 5 ingredients, making it delectable and almost effortless.

We love that this simple recipe can be adapted for any holiday – just choose a different shaped cookie cutter and festive sprinkles. Share the love with these homemade cookies, and watch hearts melt with every bite.

5. Date Night Dessert – Chocolate Souffle

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (6)

Ready for a date night? Send the kids to the grandparents, and wow your sweetheart with this easy & delicious Chocolate Souffle.

You can make this decadent dessert for an anniversary, Valentines Day, or any romantic at-home dinner.

6. “Chocolate-Covered Strawberry” Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (7)

Sometimes we like to have healthy Valentine’s Day treats options on hand. Like our favourite “Chocolat-Covered Strawberry” bites.

All the flavours of chocolate-covered strawberries but super quick to make and clean up, and kid approved.

7. Heart Linzer Cookies

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (8)

Sign me up for anything shortbread.

Valentine Heart Linzer Cookies are an easy twist on the classic Linzer cookie, a flaky buttery shortbread cookie filled with raspberry jam.

Interesting fact, Linzer cookies are said to be named after Linz, Austria, a twist off the linzer torte.

8. Oreo Truffles (Gluten Free)

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (9)

What could be more Valentine’s than chocolate. These Oreo truffles would be a perfect gift to give in a small box, wrapped in a bow.

Plus they’re made with gluten free Oreos, and can be vegan (or not), to suit any allergens / dietary needs your loved one’s might have.

9. Cornflake Hearts

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (10)

These easy Cornflake Hearts are the perfect Valentine’s treat to share! Ooey-gooey goodness in a bite-size Valentine’s snack, that even picky kids & adults will love.

10. White Chocolate Fudge

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (11)

Another great edible Valentine’s gift option. This creamy, smooth, and delicious White Chocolate Fudge is made with just 4 ingredients and a few minutes of effort.

11. Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (12)

Charcuterie boards are the thing for festive parties these days, and this Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board will be a party hit for all ages.

Make it as easy or complicated as you like. I love how flexible it is to your budget and tastes.

12. Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (13)

Show them you care with these cute heart biscuits. Fantastic for a Valentine’s Day treat, kid’s school party or an office treat.

Using fondant instead of icing, they make those of use who are a disaster in the kitchen with runny icing, look like a professional baker.

13. Valentine’s Day Pop Tarts

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (14)

My kids always beg for pop tarts whenever we’re in the grocery store. While I don’t mind giving in every once and awhile, these always seem more a dessert than breakfast item to me.

Which is why homemade pop tarts are perfect, a healthier version jazzed up in a heart shape. You’ll have a sweet & cute Valentine’s treat they’ll adore.

14. Chocolate Truffle Valentine’s Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (15)

I don’t think there could be a more delicious cupcake than this Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cupcake.

Frosted with mocha buttercream and a chocolate truffle hidden inside, what a sweet surprise for any loved one on Valentine’s Day.

15. Double Thumbprint Heart Cookies (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (16)

These Double Thumbprint Heart Cookies are made with all my favourite things; almond flour, jam and sweetened with maple syrup.

Fill your thumbprints with your favorite jam. We like to use raspberry for a little tart with the sweet. Apple butter is also a great option too.

16. Valentine’s Day Marble Cookies

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (17)

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day cookie recipe?

These lovely marble cookies are soft in the middle and crispy around the edges. You can make them with common pantry staples, and it’s a simple, mess-free recipe anyone can enjoy.

17. Red Velvet Latte

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (18)

This one’s for the adults.

After all your hard work making special treats for everyone else, sit down with a cuppa Red Velevet Latte. A creamy latte drink for the winter season.

Milk, vanilla, chocolate chips and coffee are heated together, then topped with a bright red whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings.

Easy Valentine’s day treat you’ll adore.

18. Mini Heart Cakes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (19)

These cute mini cakes for Valentine’s Day say “I care” loud and clear.

They start with a moist chocolate cake base and a creamy topping that’s smooth as can be.

Plus the cake is made in one pan and then cut out using heart shaped cookie cutters – so easy!


In the spirit of love and togetherness, we’ve shared over 15 irresistibly sweet Valentine’s Day treats that are perfect for sharing with your loved ones.

From chocolates to fudge, cookies, cupackes, these treats are sure to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

So whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, friends, or family, these delightful sweets will spread joy and create cherished memories.

We like to remember it’s the thought and love behind these treats that truly make them special, so go ahead, indulge, and share the sweetness of this lovely day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and may your hearts be as full as your dessert plates.

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Valentine's Day Treat Recipes For Kids & Adults (2024)
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