– We have found that silent GERD probably not the cause of poorly controlled asthma, and treatment with proton pump inhibitors does not improve control or no benefit to patients, says Mastronarde, which is also lead investigator of the multicenter study. – This research is particularly important because by determining which patients do not need the additional medication to to unnecessary costs, possible side effects and the risk of interactions with other drugs, adds Mastronarde..

Researchers from 20 universities examined 402 adults with asthma for 24 weeks to determine whether a proton pump inhibiting drug would alleviate asthma symptoms by preventing the release of digestive acid. Means support from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the American Lung Association the SARA study.In If they presented to its blood Myriad Genetics, they refused to doing the test because they do not accept their insurance. Ceriani could not afford for testing himself to pay, so at the end she was not one. Since Myriad holding all relevant patents, there are only a test of the BRCA mutations, and that company also holds power over the can and can not exploring the Gene. – The nature of the suit being to which applicants dispute the right of companies to be able to patents ‘product the nature ‘and ‘the laws of nature ‘.

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