It seems that there are many countries whose levels of happiness are higher than in Britain.If Britons were recently asked whether governments should strive to produce more of a country richer or happier, 81 percent opted for happiness while only 13 percent opted for wealth.52 percent of UK respondents believe schools should focus more on teaching children how to achieve happiness in their personal lives.43 percent of British people think that where they live is less friendly than it used to be, 22 percent think it is friendly.Only 7.7 percent of the 1000 people surveyed thought job was meeting the most important factor for happiness. Most people make relationships as the most important factor , followed by health..

‘more people are simply spending on health care as their own money rather than something they are looking for the employer. ‘J. The Kaiser Family Foundation and director of the Foundation Healthcare Marketplace Project, said increases in health care costs still exceed general inflation and wages. ‘The growth in these costs has come to in the last two years in our surveys, but it is still significantly high,’said Claxton (Washington Times.. , said: 9.9 percent increase in health costs Experience says surveyhealth insurance costs for businesses by 9.2 percent in 2005 – the first single-digit increase since 2000, according to a report by Hewitt Associates by Hewitt Associates, the Washington Times reported (Higgins, Washington Times, health insurance costs for employers are expected to increase by 9.9 percent in 2006, according to the report (Belli, Houston Chronicle, the report also found that employee contributions to health plans 65 percent of $ 877 per person in 2002 to $ 1,444 in 2005.A certain amount of weightlifting is not harmful, but lot of much, and much may be difficult where you have high blood pressure, aerobics every day daily, Search for you looking for ways in order to get at least half a hour of physical activity daily. Their hearts will better for them.