Protests take place this week in Nairobi, Bangkok, Jakarta, India and Brussels , in contrast to the impact of EU’s trade policy on access to medicines.

‘.. At the EU-India Summit, urged European negotiators not to affordable medicines to affordable medicines? As leaders from India and the European Union meet for a summit in Brussels, M decins Sans Fronti co – res / Doctors Without Borders ? with AIDS in Africa, Asia and Europe – protest demanding the EU stop pursuing measures that undermine India’s role as a producer of affordable life-saving generic drugs. More than 80 % of AIDS drugs for the treatment of more than five million people in the developing countries of manufacturers in India. – ‘Ten years ago, people would not even bother ever tested for medications used to treat were the drugs used to treat them too expensive knew anyway,’said Dr.Currently, simply Medicare Part B, which medical visits and outpatient hospital services comprises covers, means test Higher income Medicare. Beneficiary – those who exceeds with a yearly income, 000 U.S. Dollars individuals or $ 164,000 for Honeymooners – pay higher premiums in the framework of Medicare Part B on a sliding scale, and raise the thresholds every year with the inflation the initial proposal would be have been frozen these threshold. And it to the Medicare prescription medicine advantage this new proposal probably would not freezing such thresholds.

Nevertheless Pushes proposal, the premium, deductibles, higher-income Medicare drug Schedules recipient increase of.

CMS officials on Thursday announced a means test proposal, need higher-income Medicare beneficiaries would be reported towards higher premiums and deductibles under Medicare prescription medication, and Washington Post, 164 thousand U.S. Dollars accelerate.