Does it matter where you are in the hospital for Inflammatory Bowel Disease? A Nationwide Analysis of Hospital Volume hospitals with a high annual volume of patients with inflammatory bowel disease have a lower mortality rates among hospitalized IBD patients surgery surgery and shorter post-operative stays for Crohn’s disease . Moreover, there was no increase in the length of stay and hospital costs despite caring for patients with serious illness.

Patients with high-volume centers, centersuired operation, only one third had similar mortality rates of patients with low-volume hospitals, the study hospital to hospital. The results also showed that with a high volume with a high volume centers, rather, and had a trend toward shorter post-operative stays for Crohn’s disease. Ashwin N. Ananthakrishnan, clinical gastroenterology fellow with the division of gastroenterology and hepatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, added that these differences were more pronounced in patients with CD than in patients with UC. As investigators expected, patients with a high – volume centers of further complications because complicated cases more likely to end in this specialty may centers and larger hospitals. – ‘Patients with IBD, the an operation require much lower mortality at high – volume hospitals compared with low-volume hospitals,’said Ananthakrishnan. ‘People are more likely to surgery at a high-volume hospital that might be due to you have more recommendations, could also mean that these hospitals may be more sensitive to the need for early surgery than low-volume hospitals. ‘.

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