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Participants involved Engaging Men in equality and HIV / AIDS are agencies at the forefront this motion in the a wide variety of research, intervention and initiative. Her shared view is focused on men and boys on the integration of gender inequality and violence against children and adults reducing, and to promote the health and well-being of women, men, boys and girls in a sensible way. – EngenderHealth Andrew Levack declared: ‘Ever more men realize that they and an upbeat active role in HIV prevention may also prevent it helps to preserve helps to maintain helps to keep helps preserve helps maintain human rights. To play in the many parts of the world, people are joining movements malicious gendered norms to challenge make. Women and men vulnerable to HIV infection. At the end this strategy more than address HIV does, it helps to preserve human rights. ‘higher risk for HIV infection. Too often pardon gender roles in in high-risk sexual behaviors, grant men the possibility of concepts terms of gender, and make it extremely difficult for their own their own reproductive and sexual health. Gender imbalance in relations to sexual assault sexual assault and of violence against women which to HIV infection HIV infection. ‘.