However, these meters can inaccurate information when measuring whole blood glucose levels in cats and dogs. Evaluation the of the problem are the physiological differences between human and animal blood. The handheld glucose meters measure glucose in whole blood – glucose, which is in the plasma and the red blood cells . The glucose from the RBCs balance the glucose the glucose from the plasma portion when the test. However, cats and dogs, the distribution of glucose between the RBCs and plasma is significantly different than in humans.

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is one of the biggest health risks in diabetic animals, said Dr. Determining your diabetic pets is blood glucose profile is a common way to measure the effects of treatment with insulin, diet and exercise. However, these factors are constantly fluctuating in a pet shop, which are an accurate blood glucose monitoring is absolutely necessary. .She added that monitor spread of HIV to the Czech Republic to a great extent because of the small awareness of HIV / AIDS among the young in the country who not have the disease, because of relates to the availability of Prague Daily Prague Daily, – ‘by courtesy of you can complete Kaiser Daily Health Policy show Report, search the archives , or sign up for email service at Imperial Daily Health Policy Report reprint for emperors network a free service from the Henry J. Publishes.