MNsure chief Scott Leitz announced a number of outreach events for the arriving week aimed at young adults . MNsure Courts Little Uninsured On Their Turf People under age group 34 are considered essential to the long-term economic wellness of online insurance exchanges like MNsure. But its leaders aren't looking forward to youthful adults to come to them. They're likely to universities, breweries and bars -; and buying television ads .This makes me so mad, said Reiskin. This is part of not really understanding a population. You put them in an organization against their will with a couple of people who have dementia. That is torture. She added that the county has so far balked at spending an non-verbal expert to come in and try interacting with Sharisa, so that they can find out what she is thinking and feeling. I am hoping people become outraged by this, Reiskin said. In recent days, Sharisa’s dad was finally permitted to see his daughter, and she felt comfortable more than enough to begin with typing again finally. County employees at the nursing house facility witnessed that that they had a loving relationship and some asked why she was not speaking with them, the Post observed.