Carbonic CO2 and anhydrase sensing during Cryptococcus neoformans growth, differentiation, and virulence By using pathogenic fungi as model systems for understanding fungal illnesses, two groups of experts are reporting new work that offers insight into how skin tightening and governs the morphogenic changes that allow pathogenic fungi to survive in various conditions and invade our body, and they provide new evidence for how CO2 sensing and metabolism utilize evolutionarily conserved enzymes to control the growth and sexual reproduction of pathogenic microbes .

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At the summit, which has been held over two days in the nation’s capitol, PAs will organize to discuss the existing state of healthcare legislation and meet with their Senators and Representatives. The Capitol Connection summit may also recognize U.S. Cosmetic surgeon General Regina Benjamin, M.D., with the 2010 AAPA President’s Award. Awarded to Dr. Benjamin for her support of PAs in her commitment to patient treatment, the President’s Award honors a superb advocate for physician assistants. As America’s Doctor, Dr. Benjamin supplies the public with the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and the fitness of the nation..