Presidents compliment Bush for focus on HIV/Helps, malaria while in office The other day, ‘[t]he George W. Bush Presidential Library commitment brought collectively five living presidents who’ve been at chances about a lot of the 43rd president's foreign plan legacy, the Iraq war particularly. [b]ut they all decided on, and provided effusive compliment for, Bush's focus on Africa,’ ABC Information' ‘The Take note’ blog page reports. ‘From the historical peace contract between Sudan and South Sudan in 2005, to Bush's focus on HIV/AIDS and malaria, all the presidents, of party regardless, thanked Zero.’ ABC Information discusses the creation of PEPFAR and the President's Malaria Initiative and includes responses from a few of the speakers in the commitment.Thomas O'Donnell, MD, Senior Vascular Doctor at Tufts Medical Center commented, ‘Ligation techniques and technology for internal vessels has remained unchanged for many years. As a clinician, I am always aware of the potential for ligating clips to be dislodged following placement, leading to a host of complications, both through the medical procedure and thereafter. The Amsel Occluder Device represents a fresh approach to facilitating accurate, secure and complete vessel closure. The Amsel Occluder Device provides a minimally invasive way for transfixing a tubular framework, like a blood vessel, and provides security, comparable to a suture ligation performed through an open up technique.