‘FGF-23 could be a modifiable risk element in individuals with CKD since it strongly linked to the most significant outcomes encountered by these individuals: death, cardiovascular occasions, and initiation of dialysis,’ said Dr. Chonchol. Extra studies are had a need to determine whether remedies to lower FGF-23 amounts benefit CKD patients.. Blood degrees of FGF-23 might help predict CKD individuals vulnerable to heart problems The blood degrees of a particular hormone might help predict which kidney disease patients will establish heart problems, want dialysis, and die prematurely, according to a report appearing within an upcoming problem of the Journal of the American Culture Nephrology . Testing because of this hormone could recognize which individuals need early treatment, therefore lowering their health threats and lengthening their lives.The Wall Street Journal's Wellness Blog: Health care.gov Explorer: Decode The Health Law's Subsidies With just over 3 weeks left to select new coverage in medical law marketplaces, deciphering the complex program of subsidies remains a key challenge for many would-be insurance customers. To greatly help users decode the legislation's new program of tax credits, The Wall Street Journal has added a calculator to its healthcare.gov Explorer . The CT Mirror: Obamacare Q&A: Exchange Deadlines, Insurance Options And Tax Credits March 31 may be the deadline for buying insurance through the exchanges produced by the federal government health law.