Amniotic membrane transplantation prevents blindness in patients with SJS Transplanting tissue from newborn fetal membranes prevents blindness in individuals with a devastating disease known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a Loyola University INFIRMARY study has found . The scholarly research by senior author Charles Bouchard, MD, and colleagues is published before printing in the journal Cornea online. Stevens-Johnson syndrome can be a disorder in which pores and skin and mucous membranes, including the eye surface, respond to a medication or infection severely.

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Knowing your son or daughter: If you don’t think he/she will follow the rules, maintain him/her off the ride. Trust your instincts: In case you are worried about the ride’s basic safety, choose another activity. Avoid mall rides if they’re over a difficult, unpadded surface or if they don’t have a chair belt.The new study is the most recent to warn parents about troublesome injury trends involving their children’s playtime activties. Smith’s team also released a study in November 2012 looking at a developing epidemic of injuries caused by inflatable bounce houses, castles and moonwalks. Months earlier, a scholarly research in Pediatrics discouraged children against using trampolines due to risks for serious injury.