In addition to Bailey’s prizes, Burchfield Primary College and her school nurse, Audrey Gaskill will each receive a $250 prize for participating in PDA’s contest. Vibrantly shaded and skillfully drawn, Bailey demonstrated that she truly understands the need for good oral health. ‘Find a Healthy Smile by Brushing Twice a Day’ was the theme of second-place champion Thalia Irofuala’s poster. Thalia, a third-grade college student at Smithfield Elementary in Monroe County, drew a picture of a bright-eyed doll keeping a toothpaste and toothbrush.‘Scientists should go back and test whether it was really caspase-1 or caspase-11 clearing the bacteria, viruses or fungi,’ stated Amer, also an investigator in Ohio State’s Middle for Microbial Interface Biology and Davis Heart and Lung Study Institute. In fact, Amer is among the scientists who have published studies about caspase-1. She observed that caspase-1 provides been regarded an attractive drug target due to these many studies. Nevertheless, traveling up activation of caspase-1 to clear bacteria can have a troubling side-effect – this enzyme also causes considerable inflammation.