Are not unprecedented. Earlier this year, a Texas man sued after he said surgeons removed his healthy kidney rather than his cancerous one mistakenly. This past year, a 76-year-old man had the wrong kidney removed by a cosmetic surgeon at a prominent New York City hospital.. Calif. Surgeon disciplined for removing incorrect kidney from inmate SANTA ANA, Calif. – – A California surgeon offers been disciplined for removing a prison inmate’s healthful kidney and departing the diseased one intact. Tuesday that Dr The Orange County Register reported. Charles Coonan Streit was placed on probation for three years by the constant state Medical Board. The board said Streit, a urologist who has already established his license for 41 years, relied on memory to choose which kidney to eliminate because he didn’t have access to the patient’s comprehensive medical records.Parkinson’s disease affects a lot more than 1 million Americans, causing patients to gradually develop movement problems, including tremors, stiffness and slowness. It is due to death and degeneration of nerve connections that create dopamine, a substance necessary for communication between cells that coordinate movement. We’ve worked each day for 10 years to design a construct to the gene delivery vector that enhances the protection profile of gene transfer for Parkinson’s disease, stated Ronald Mandel, a professor of neuroscience at UF’s McKnight Human brain Institute and the Powell Gene Therapy Middle.