Ceregene commences enrollment in CERE-120 Phase 2b study for Parkinson’s disease Ceregene, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, announced today that enrollment offers begun in a fresh double-blind sham surgery-controlled Stage 2b research evaluating CERE-120 in Parkinson’s disease individuals rx droger . CERE-120 is normally a gene therapy item that delivers the neurotrophic element neurturin to degenerating or dying dopamine neurons. Data from the first Stage 2 scientific trial of CERE-120 are being published later this year in Lancet Neurology . The launch of Stage 2 follows a fully enrolled Phase 1 portion that demonstrated early safety using a sophisticated CERE-120 dosing routine targeting the substantia nigra and putamen, two mind areas especially suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


The % of hospitals attaining Stage 7 has furthermore increased, from 0.8 % to at least one 1.2 %. These and additional hospitals are collecting their incentive payments; the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services distributed $2.of December 2011 5 billion in incentive obligations through the end. By comparison, only 20 % of hospitals with under 100 beds were ready or most likely to attain Stage One. Hospitals continue move forward to meet up Stage 1 of meaningful use, in these categories highlighted in the record especially. We also found very similar trends in hospitals achieving Stage 7, which really is a paperless environment on the EMRAM totally, said John P.