Stuttering can be a communication disorder that involves disruption in the normal stream of rhythm of speech. Characteristics can include repetition of noises, syllables, phrases or words, hesitations, prolongations or interjections. As a result, people who stutter have trouble communicating effectively with others often. Speech-language pathologists play an important role in the avoidance, evaluation, and treatment of stuttering and other conversation disorders. Represented by the Canadian Association of Speech-Vocabulary Pathologists and Audiologists , S-LPs function in communities across Canada at hospitals, rehabilitation centres, health clinics, universities and in personal practice.‘Because that is such a common individual complaint, healthcare companies have generically described its occurrence as 'chemo brain' for a lot more than two decades.’ While the complaint might be common, the cause of chemo human brain phenomenon has been challenging to pinpoint. Some prior studies using magnetic resonance imaging have found little changes in brain quantity after chemotherapy, but no definitive link has been found. Instead of studying chemotherapy's effect on the brain's appearance, Dr. Lagos and colleagues attempt to identify its influence on brain function. By using PET/CT, they were able to assess changes to the brain's metabolism after chemotherapy.