‘We believe you can find at least two feasible explanations for our results,’ Thacker said. ‘The foremost is that small bloodstream clots type in the center and lodge in the mind, not causing any instant symptoms, but resulting in damage as time passes. The additional is that low result of bloodstream to the mind from the irregular heartbeat can lead to small mind damage that accumulates as time passes.’ Thacker now really wants to research the atrial fibrillation/cognitive decline hyperlink using mind imaging technology for more information about what is going on in the brains of individuals with atrial fibrillation. He really wants to shape out why people who have atrial fibrillation typically experience quicker cognitive decline.The typically active affected person – Johnson loves to ride a bicycle and participate in yoga regularly – is definitely working hard to rebuild the muscle tissue she dropped, and she continues to regain the mental quickness she experienced. I have thought to Dr. Schievink repeatedly, 'I couldn't stand. I couldn't sit. And my brain had been totally compromised, Johnson said. You saved my entire life. I am so grateful. .. Bacterial infection feasible in University of Oregon student’s death EUGENE, Ore. – – Public wellness officials want to find out if a contagious infection caused the loss of life Tuesday of a University of Oregon freshman.